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Industrial Automation

Providing automation expertise and technology can help factories improve operational efficiency and optimize production.

PRIMOFLO solenoid valve is used to control the fluid of the automatic as a foundation components, belongs to the electric actuator, after receiving the control signal, it can open or close the valve actively to adjust the direction, flow rate, speed and other parameters of the medium. PRIMOFLO solenoid valve can be combined with different circuits to achieve the desired control, while ensuring control accuracy and flexibility. Taking pneumatic system as an example to illustrate the application of solenoid valve in industrial automation.

The pneumatic system is a control system with gas as medium. In pneumatic systems, this medium is usually air. In real use, the air in the atmosphere is usually compressed to increase its pressure, and the expansion of compressed gas is used to convert pressure energy into mechanical energy. Vane, piston and geared pneumatic motors are widely used in pneumatic transmission.

In the pneumatic system, the function of PRIMOFLO solenoid valve is to adjust the various states of compressed air according to the control requirements in the control system, such as controlling the direction of compressed air output or closing the air source. In addition, the pneumatic system also needs the cooperation of other components, including power components, executive elements, switches, display equipment and other auxiliary equipment, and these are all It is an indispensable part of pneumatic system.

The special solenoid valve designed by PRIMOFLO provides more durable, more stable, more refined and higher flow requirements, meeting the growing needs of the automation industry.

With the professional knowledge, technology and experience in automation, we deeply understand the technical difficulties and industry regulations, PRIMOFLO develops innovative products to meet the specific needs of customers - optimize production, reduce waste and save costs, improve product quality and improve efficiency and performance.

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