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Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical

Delivering the safe, reliable and durable solutions for energy, chemical and petrochemical applications critical application and improve plant efficiency.

Provide solutions for the energy market to improve product performance, stability and customer profitability. Whether it's coal power generation, gas turbine power generation, biomass power generation, hydroelectric generation, geothermal energy generation, wind power generation, and hydrogen energy, PRIMOFLO's solutions help you reduce costs and optimize performance, improve safety, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency.

From offshore oil and gas platforms to refineries and chemical plants, the complex production process conditions have higher requirements for equipment, and its reliability directly affects the continuous and stable operation of the equipment, so as to avoid accidents directly or indirectly caused by equipment defects to bring huge losses and impacts to enterprises and society. At the same time, due to the high accident rate and high risk of petrochemical industry, the product application design must be carefully considered in order to ensure the protection of the system to the device, avoid personal injury, and avoid major economic losses. PRIMOFLO professional solenoid valve technology can provide explosion-proof or flameproof certification products for explosive hazardous areas, and the protection level is not lower than IP65. When the system requires high security, redundant system or safety interlock system can be provided to provide system security.

In energy, upstream oil and gas, downstream chemical and petrochemical, PRIMOFLO can help you easily cope with extreme working conditions and engineering challenges.

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