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Food and Beverage

Delivering proven technology and reliable products for key positions in food and beverage process.

Food and beverage companies continue to innovate solutions to meet the market challenges of the food and beverage industry. Typical food production processes range from raw materials, processing (seasoning), bottle blowing/filling, packaging, product inspection, bundling, delivery. In terms of material, shape, structure and lubricant, pneumatic components are designed differently from general products. It can be used in severe conditions of strong splash, high temperature, low temperature, high speed and high frequency, to ensure the production of safe and high-quality food. PRIMOFLO professional technology, in the food production process, PTE bottle blowing, packaging process, ink-jet printing and other key processes to provide proven technology and reliable products. To help enterprises improve the efficiency of food and beverage production and achieve production objectives, so as to maintain market competitiveness and improve profitability.

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