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Commercial Vehicles

Delivering high performance products and innovative technologies to help you increase efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

In the field of commercial vehicles, with the acceleration of the process of automobile electronization, the electronic control technology is more and more applied in automobile industry. The wide use of this technology in the engine and the whole vehicle makes all kinds of working conditions of the vehicle always in the best working state, and the performance have been greatly improved, such as the power performance, reliability, safety and comfort of the vehicle, etc. In the field of commercial vehicles including such as locking electric needle valve, pressure regulating electric magnetic valve, idle solenoid valve, fuel steam solenoid valve, variable valve timing solenoid valve, automobile exhaust solenoid valve, automobile engine solenoid valve, automobile oil gas conversion solenoid valve, automobile water spraying solenoid valve, automobile air conditioning solenoid valve, automobile shift solenoid valve, automobile seat support airbag solenoid valve, and support airbag solenoid valve, safety balloon valve, car seat massage valve, automatic transmission control valve, automobile fuel injection nozzle, etc.

PRIMOFLO professional technology can provide high-performance products and innovative technologies to help car companies provide efficiency and flexibility, and save costs.

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